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Grounds Maintenance
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Landscape Maintenance

All Terrain Property Maintenance provides weekly lawn services to both commercial and condominium properties.  We listen to your requirements and provide a service that meets your specific needs. Facility and property managers can count on All Terrain Property Maintenance for consistent, quality services throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons.

We know that first impressions are important so we go out of our way to make sure your property is looking its best when it matters most!

Our uniformed crews are trained, experienced and updated on safety policies and procedures to provide the best service possible. We work to build long term relationships with all our clients and have proven to be successful due to our continued customer satisfaction and being flexible with scheduling when necessary as we understand the need to accommodate special circumstances  at the request of our clients for additional or specific work to be done.

We work hard to make your lawn look the best it can and keep our customers happy.

Spring Cleanup

A thorough Spring Cleanup will definitely give a boost to your property. After a long winter, your property will have undergone a lot of strain. Spring is the best time to clean up those flower beds and prune those bushes.


Weekly Summer Maintenance

With the seasons changing your property will need different kinds of services. As the vegetation on your property grows, regular maintenance will keep your outdoor space as pleasant as you had originally envisioned it to be. Weekly lawn maintenance, tree and shrub trimming, and deweeding will maintain the all-round health and appearance of your property. We also offer regular litter removal services.


Fall Maintenance

Fall is the optimal time to prepare your property for the winter. Protecting your vegetation for the long cold winter ahead and removing excess foliage and debris will not only improve the state and appearance of your garden but save you in cost for the following spring cleanup.


 Enhancement Services

In addition to standard maintenance, All Terrain Property Maintenance provides a wide range of additional services required to keep your lawn looking great while dealing with the stresses of our extreme climate and pests such as weeds. Below are some of the many services All Terrain Property Maintenance provides:


Edging and Mulching Beds

Mulching beds can help with weed control and water retention and is a simple and cost effective way to freshen up any garden. Mulch comes in a variety of colours and textures giving you the option to customize you’re grounds appearance to your desired taste; we also do deliveries for the eager "do-it-yourselfers". Edging beds or tree rings can leave a clean cut professional impression, edging prevents beds from growing in and producing a bold border.

Top Dress and Overseed

Topdressing improves the soil quality of a lawn and adds nutrients. Over seeding will thicken a lawn with new growth, both are commonly done together. This technique is commonly used when repairing winter damage, a custom blend of grass seed is used to achieve the best results.


Aerating and De-Thatching

Aerating is done to improve drainage to a lawns, infiltration of water and nutrients, reduce turf compaction, and encourage deeper root systems which allows for a lawn to be more drought resistant. De-thatching removes a buildup of dead grass, leafs, moss and other organic matter known as thatch. Thatch can suffocate the growth of a lawn and prevent grass seed from contacting the soil, removing thatch will help thicken lawn and make it less susceptible to diseases.


Lawn fertilizing is important in providing grass the nutrients it needs to grow thick, dark green and able to push out weeds rather than being overtaken.


In addition to our services above All Terrain Property Maintenance has a water truck that is used throughout the summer months ensuring landscape work completed through the year does not dry out and die. Watering is very important especially when it comes to new lawns as it is important for the sod to attach and root to the ground and in the hot dry summer months it is very common for new lawns to burn and die if not water enough and regularly.

Do you have a water drainage problem? We can help! We have experience in building water drainage systems that work optimally with the type of land that you have.
Other Services: